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Vickie Klinkhammer has always had a strong passion for photography. Ever since receiving her first camera as  a young child, her love and adoration of photography has grown into her profession. Vickie's photography and designs focuses on capivating scenery, natural landscapes, beautiful architecture, and macro material. The use of natural lighting and elements result in stunning compositions that are unique to Vickie's style.

Vickie Klinkhammer

Photographer & Designer

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We are delighted to present our customers with the finest, uniquely-designed merchandise whether they shop our boutique or purchase online. We have inventory onhand for our quick-delivery items and are able to expedite all other selections to our customers directly from the manufacturer.

Our in-store design studio allows us to develop additional photographs to incorporate into our products. For addition photography capabilities and inquiries, send us a note and we will be happy to respond with the details.

Through an innovative process, we transfer our stunning images on to our prodcuts creating exclusive, stylish merchandise that make bold statements. Whether you are looking for something unique for yourself, or a gift that will be extra special, our VLP Designs' products will be sure to delight.


Our merchandise lineup includes apparel and fashion items, accessories and jewelry, and home good products.